NetYourNiche (NYN) was created as a first of its kind intelligent online matching system aiming to eliminate the long hours searching for referrals and clients with whom you can build long term, meaningful business relationships. Adding to this we also eliminated the high fees and uncertain client quality associated with pre-booked or self-searched cold called clients, leaving you with quality business introductions because of our vetting and rating processes.

We believe in ethical business and the power of quality word-of-mouth introductions to ensure sustainable business development and growth.

Our aim is to assist every business in South Africa to have access to a source that can provide them with an ever-growing network of companies and business individuals, ready to do business in a professional manner to the benefit of all parties. We are committed to providing outstanding service to our NYN members and their network contacts and to make sure that the platform and system we provide will always deliver the best possible results to our members.